I recommend to read article below about male's life in Muslim countries. In the west, we hear only one-sided narration about it and stuff about "women patriarchal oppression", when discrimination of male is the real issue in this part of world!

2021.12.02 21:03 JohnGawel I recommend to read article below about male's life in Muslim countries. In the west, we hear only one-sided narration about it and stuff about "women patriarchal oppression", when discrimination of male is the real issue in this part of world!

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2021.12.02 21:03 runningwsizzas I recently quit the serving job I’ve had for over 6yrs…

My 1st reaction when I decided to quit was relieve and a sense of calm…. Since then I feel completely free of the mental burden that I’ve carried with me all these years…. And now I’m honestly feeling as if I survived and got out of a cult…..
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2021.12.02 21:03 shibada123 Trouble maintaining sleep

Hello /keto!
I'm about 4 months into my 3rd or 4th keto journey. This time around I've only cheated once a month and am currently on day 25 since carbs(don't plan on eating carbs anytime soon) whereas in my previous journeys I'd follow a 6 days on, 1 day off routine.
Andddd I'm having trouble maintaining sleep. I can fall asleep completely fine, always in short time, but am waking up numerous times between 12:30am to 6am. Caffeine is not consumed after midday/in the pm and I'm weight training 6 days a week.
Any insight into this would be great, thanks
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2021.12.02 21:03 StoicSin Way to get information on private equity fund - any free websites?

I work for a union who is currently bargaining against a company owned by a private equity firm based out of Toronto, Ontario.
I spent the day on a limited free-trial with CB Investing, and ended up coming up with amazing insider information on the company’s portfolio, what they’ve acquired, merged, exited, and who their board members are, but that trial has since expired. Another one I’m trying to mess around with Pitch Book.
All in all, are there any websites where I can get this sort of information on a number of private sector companies?!
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2021.12.02 21:03 isabellyduh This rivalries scenario is super hard.

I had an idea for the new scenario and got started right away. I wanted my Sims to go from Enemies to Enemies with Benefits (completing the scenario) and then Enemies to Lovers. However, I cannot for the life of me get them to be Enemies with Benefits. Does anyone have any advice to accomplish this? I can't seem to find any guides either
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2021.12.02 21:03 DistributionBitter55 Black Outie 12 (part 1)

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2021.12.02 21:03 TheRealMithrax Syracuse?

Anyone have any info on any family having guys or even just associates out here at any point in history?
I feel like it’s weird that Buffalo, Rochester, Utica and Albany have Mob history in Upstate NY but Syracuse doesn’t
Did anyone have guys here?
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2021.12.02 21:03 dispatchdcu Star Wars: Darth Vader #18 Review - out now!!

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2021.12.02 21:03 the_real_Dan_Parker Mum Accuses Daughter’s Trans Friend for Being a Pervert, LIVES TO REGRET IT!

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2021.12.02 21:03 CatZak123 The Ice Skaters

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2021.12.02 21:03 Kalex6391 How far is the campsite they provide for the “large darkroom tent” in relation to centeroo?

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2021.12.02 21:03 Blaky039 343, Please disable BANS until Ranked is in a more stable state.

I'm beyond frustrated. This is the second time in a row that I get banned for 24 hours.
I formatted my computer and installed everything again to see if that would help with the random Ranked crashes.
It worked perfectly for two days, but then yesterday I got kicked out of two games, and now I'm banned for 24 hours again. So maybe this is an issue with cache data or something like that, because it happens after a few days of a fresh install.
I understand this bug is extremely hard to pinpoint and fix, but the least 343 could do is disable Bans. Another thing that could help is having the REJOIN feature actually work to allow you to rejoin.
I already bought the Campaign and Battle Pass for a total of $70 and I can't even play the game because of stability issues with the game.
(I already submitted a Halo Support ticket)
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2021.12.02 21:03 Temporary_Tadpole_75 How are these?

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2021.12.02 21:03 notpreposterous To go up the escalator

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2021.12.02 21:03 Pooptronic I want to make a script where you highlight some text, Do Alt P, then it speaks it in a funny voice like SpongeBob or peter griffin or something.

I don't even know if this is possible but let me know your thoughts
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2021.12.02 21:03 HSeldon2020 Exits - Entries - Thought Process - 3 Trade Examples

Since I am constantly asked to post about entry and exit, I figured I would use some actual trades from Friday as examples. Overall I did 24 trades that day, so these are just a sample to help illustrate the points. For each trade I will give you my thought process on the method, entry and exit:
Even though I am on the West Coast all times will be in EST:
NEGG - 9:47am & 9:51am - off the bullish hammer and developing bull flag on the five minute chart, I went long NEGG at $50.80 (average price on the two trades).
Type of Trade: Momentum - Low float: Obviously NEGG is a crap stock that is way over-valued, but given the float, actual value doesn't really apply here. I liked the continuation and volume - clearly buyers were not done with this stock.
Exit Plan: I also had a very clear mental stop at around $50.36 (bottom of the 9:45am candle). The real question for me on this stock was - would I let it go all the way to $43.50 (the support formed on the daily chart)? I liked the volume and the bull flag on the daily chart, but I would rather treat this stock like a scalp than anything else, it is far too volatile. As you can see the question for me was - am I willing to take a $7 loss on this stock to see if the daily bull flag holds, or the smaller more immediate mental stop of a .50 loss? I decided I didn't trust the stock enough for the extended Stop (unlike CARV where I did use an extended stop down at $9.50, which worked out quite well), so I went with .50 cents - and since this stock can jump that much in a single tick, I started out with a lower number of shares. Note: all my stops are mental stops so I can quickly adjust to the price action and the market.
Result: As NEGG started to go up, I added shares along the way - finally averaging out to $52.78. At around 10am when I saw NEGG get rejected at the previous day's high, I took profits at $57.84, for $5.06 per share/over $7 win from my initial price - a great way to start the day.
SNOW - 11:41am - I was watching SNOW all morning - and even though the stock was strong, I needed confirmation that it was strong against the market. There was a nice steady grind up since 10:10am with decent volume, but the market was also rising at the same time and SNOW wasn't outpacing SPY. That meant if the market was to suddenly drop (not uncommon with these small low volume candles on SPY, it might take SNOW with it). Finally at around 11:40am, SPY pulled back and SNOW remained strong - which gave me the confirmation I needed, so I took the trade with SNOW at 261.94. SNOW also had an extremely bullish daily chart, with the stock going through its' SMA 200 with ease, and staying above its' 50 & 100 SMA's respectively. The Heiken Ashi candles on the daily chart also showed a nice upward continuation off the reversal from 7/7 as well. Overall, SNOW has a classic bullish pattern on the Daily chart.
Type of Trade - Relative Strength - Options: I briefly considered using a Call Debit Spread expiring that day for 260/265, which was going for roughly $1.90 debit at the time, but I decided against it as I did not want to cap my gains. So instead I opted for straight calls and took the 7/23 Calls - the 245 Strike for $19.90 each. The delta was .85, which meant I was getting a pretty decent 1-to-1 move with the stock.
Exit Plan: I wanted to see SNOW hold the 200 SMA at 260.09, and that gave me a clear stopping point for the trade. If I was using the stock, I would most likely have waited to see if SNOW was staying above the SMA 200 at the close, and if it did, I would carry through to Monday (that is the benefit of Day Trading stocks with a good daily chart, you can turn them into swing trades with a high degree of confidence, giving you more leeway). However, since these were Call Options and I had no intention of holding over the weekend, I was prepared to cut the trade if SNOW had two 5-minute candles in a row below the SMA 200. I also looked at the closing price on 3/3 of 270 as the area I would take profit (particularly if SNOW hit that mark and got rejected).
Result: I do not like to holding straight calls and puts over the weekend - it is like burning money. I sold the options when SNOW hit 270 (the high from 3/3) for $26.43 each, a profit of $6.53 per contract. As you can see from the chart, even though SPY remained unchanged from 11:40 to roughly 2pm, SNOW continued to increase, a major benefit to choosing stocks with relative strength to SPY (note: this isn't RSI or Beta).
While I had several others good winners (including SGOC*), those two are good examples of two different types of trades and the thought process behind each. However, this wouldn't be instructional unless I also gave an example of a failed trade.*
WKHS - 1:31pm - WKHS seemed to be gaining strength throughout the day and filled the gap from that morning. And this is where I made several very preventable mistakes. First, I bought the stock near the HOD (High-Of-Day), at 13.13, which was moronic. I have seen WKHS start to run before and I was convinced, despite any reason or logic, that it was going to run again. It wasn't completely without merit, the stock had been gathering steam all day and volume was starting to build, but that is not enough to take a trade. Also the daily chart is extremely ugly on this stock - it barely got above its' SMA 50 the day before, has serious resistance right above with the SMA 100 (14.06) which caps the upside, and looks like it is forming a pretty textbook Bear Flag (on the Daily Chart).
Type of Trade - Stupid - Stock - There was no reason to take this trade, none - but I was on a hot streak and I took it, which is yet another idiotic reason to do a trade.
Exit Plan - After I executed the trade, I immediately knew that my tolerance for it was going to be low. Two bars later it lost Relative Strength to SPY and that gave me all the excuse I needed to get out of the trade. Even without that indication of weakness, 12.95 also reflected the bottom range of the previous consolidation on the five-minute chart.
Result - As I deserved, I took the loss on WKHS getting out at 12.94, for a loss of .19 cents a share. The damage was minimal, but this is a perfect example of a trade that might "look" good at the moment, but in retrospect, really wasn't.
These three trades, a sample from this past Friday, are meant to illustrate some of the thinking that went into each and how I planned to exit them, which I hope partly answers some of the questions around this aspect of Day Trading.
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2021.12.02 21:03 amsulilie My dad killed both of my pets instead of having them be put down by a vet. My family doesn’t want to talk about it, claims it’s justified but I think it’s traumatizing and really messed up

To give some context, all this happened when I already moved out, my dad is a little oldschool, a hunter but not a crazy fanatic one. He’d join a hunt if he happens to be invited and is thus is used to handling dead animals etc .
Our cat was first, I was told that she passed away months after it actually happened. Apparently she was old and sick, later I can’t remember when and how but it was years after I learnt that my dad had snapped her neck. What happened after I don’t know. We don’t talk about it.
Now our dog, he was old and starting to struggle to walk etc and i was told it was for his best interest to help him go. But he too wasn’t brought to the vet. Our dog is really scared of the vet and hates going there and my father said it will be easier, less stressful and faster for our dog if he’d just shoot him. Adding it’s an honorable way for a hunting dog to go. I should mention, our dog never went hunting, and my dad walked him maybe 5% of the time and was 0 involved in training or raising him. Well he managed to convince my mum, I don’t know the details (because again) we don’t talk about it. But they must have put our dog into the car, drove to some woods, thrown a ball and my das shot him. That’s roughly all I could find out over the years.
My mum hates talking about it, is in the verge of crying or cries when the topic arises and only told my about the way he passed very briefly.
And I’m sorry I think this whole thing is fucked up. Yes it probably was a faster more pleasant way to go for my dog, spending his last moments in nature etc. But how fucked up do you have to be as a person to be able to shoot your own dog?? I blame my mother too, how can you let this happen and watch? Just thinking of the trauma of having to retrieve the then dead dog. Who on earth can agree to such a thing?
Yes, it can be seen as an honorable thing to do, my parents taking on this hardship to make it easier for our dog. But I call bullshit on this. I just can’t comprehend how a normal functioning emotional human being could do such a thing??
I have been told to also consider that my parents are a different generation and killing animals handling dead animals was more common back then. As in, defeathering chickens etc.
I still don’t buy it, if this was the case then we would talk about this. Not avoid this topic like the pest. My mum wouldn’t cry or look sad every time I mention our dog and have pictures of him around.
I stand with it, this is fucked up, and it really makes me question who my dad really is and wonder what shit I have experienced growing up but can’t remember.
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2021.12.02 21:03 ossy94 Best Bounty Hunting ship 3.15.1?

I know there are plenty of these threads, but cant find one thats up to date.
Im kinda new to the Bounty Hunting thing, and was wondering whats a really good ship for that kind of stuff? Im planning on buying with aUec :P
Regards ossy
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2021.12.02 21:03 shiloskie Gave Raymond a festive tree dress!

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2021.12.02 21:03 YourWIMPYokKID Chocolate dipped hm

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2021.12.02 21:03 EgoCentric- Beginning of a new Journey!

Hello everyone, I am a 19-year college student and I have recently had this ambition to just change my whole life around. When I say this, I say this with a genuine desire to make my family's life better and mine better economically. I want to ask for help from those that have been part of the stock market world and know what they are doing. I am seeking help to broaden my understanding of Investing in stocks, currently, I have Robinhood, but like most young people I got it because of the whole memecoin moment. I really want to start from the foundation and make my way up, ready to learn. I don't ask for when to buy, sell, all I am desiring is to be guided on which path to take. I want to know what videos or reading material might help me open the light, but I want it to be a skill. Please feel free to give me advice, suggestions, links to books, articles, etc. that will help me start my journey as an investor.
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2021.12.02 21:03 ValtertAG 50 anos

50 anos desde a criação do campeonato brasileiro como conhecemos hoje. 50 anos desde o único campeonato vencido do Atlético Mineiro, bom, seria o único. Eu tenho realmente poucos familiares atleticanos que viram o Atlético ser campeão em 71. Meu falecido avô mudava sempre pro time do momento, minha avó (a única que eu sei da minha distante família que é atleticana) poderia ter visto, mas como uma família pobre de cidade do interior de Minas, eu aposto que não conseguiu ver. Meu pai nasceu em 76, 5 anos depois da conquista. Teve a maioria da vida sem poder ter visto nada do Atlético, na verdade até mesmo viu ele ser rebaixado. E falando em rebaixado, 2 anos depois eu nasci. Eu tive a oportunidade de ter visto o galo ser campeão da Libertadores, mas não entendia muito de futebol na época, mas meu pai viu, e eu sei muito bem como deve ter sido pra ele. Eu consegui ver o Atlético ser campeão da Copa do Brasil, mas meu sentimento não foi tão forte porque, apesar de já entender de futebol, eu não entendia muito bem. Ainda assim eu comemorei, eu comemorei por uma última vez, pelo menos era o que eu pensava. Eu vi o Atlético falhar em 2015, eu passei raiva ao saber que era só ganhar do Goiás que o Atlético era campeão em 2020 e meu amigo como eu me desesperei em 2019. E agora em 2021, eu honestamente não consigo acreditar ainda. Eu não confiava no Cuca, eu não confiava em mais nada, no início do ano o Atlético ser campeão pra mim era algo improvável, mas não impossível. E chegou hoje, seguindo cada passo do galo na tabela, visto o jogo do Ceará contra o Flamengo (que se eu soubesse onde que tavam os ingressos do Ceará eu teria visto no maraca mesmo), e por fim o jogo do Bahia. Junto do meu pai, a gente foi pra um bar ver o jogo aos 8 ou 10 minutos de jogo, e a teoria de que a gente é os maiores pé frios de todos estava se concretizando. O galo não marcava, e o Bahia marcou 2 rapidamente, mas a gente não perdeu a esperança, e pelo visto não era pra perder mesmo. 50 anos, 50 míseros e longos anos para o Atlético ser Bi. Todos os meus parentes atleticanos comemoram, minha avó coitada, nem sei se ela viu a partida por conta do tratamento de AVC, mas ainda assim eu espero que ela tenha visto. Eu não sei se eu fico feliz por ter tido a oportunidade de ter visto o Atlético basicamente ter duplicado a história dele tão jovem, se eu fico feliz por ter visto o Atlético ganhar algo de valor, os dois, ou se eu só fico feliz. Eu sinceramente não sei se eu estarei comemorando outro tão cedo assim porque esse time é muito inconsistente, mas eu espero que não demore outros 50 anos. Obrigado Atlético, e sobretudo obrigado ao meu pai por ter me mostrado a experiência que é torcer pra essa desgraça de time.
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2021.12.02 21:03 legitsnow36 Tiger Sale $26.25/oz any qty with credit card picked up 21

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2021.12.02 21:03 TopicHelpful2990 Can't fish when ur sick

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2021.12.02 21:03 flash175 Ja Morant spotted getting shots up on pregame

Shees, is he coming back soon? :)
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