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The Witcher Season 2 Yennefer Cosplay Costume $205.99

2022.01.25 06:23 Takerlama The Witcher Season 2 Yennefer Cosplay Costume $205.99

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2022.01.25 06:23 danquequeque OBAMA BING CHILLING

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2022.01.25 06:23 Sno0pyBo0 Art of Noise - Close (To The Edit) (1984)

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2022.01.25 06:23 MarsThere BoW + WoB 😺

BoW + WoB 😺 50% build cat
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2022.01.25 06:23 minxiejinx While my hospital urges us to come in even after active infection my home health company will quarantine any staff not wearing an N95 in the field. Kind of have a lot of respect for this.

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2022.01.25 06:23 IndependentBoot469 A course on how to please mommy: Part one, lesson one, be able to use the tongue

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2022.01.25 06:23 Arusena Sabah'ın manşeti: Anadolu' kar bereketi, İstanbul'da pişmanlığı

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2022.01.25 06:23 Consistent_League_40 Collect and trade principle makes me super excited about sports NFTs

Ever since the advent of sports NFT reminds me of a time when as kids we were collecting cards from famous football players and we were very excited when it came time to trade. Now all this is still possible but on a higher level.
I have to admit that there are great football marketplaces with an excellent NFT collection based on the collect and trade principle, it's an awesome experience for all of us who are true football fans.
I've recently come across a similar concept for football fans, it's called First Eleven, looks great, I will check that out.
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2022.01.25 06:23 rafal2050 Rune Factory 5 | Story Trailer

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2022.01.25 06:23 Joe_Knutter What is this thing and how do I use it to empower my knife?

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2022.01.25 06:23 DarkSide-DarthVader Next level accuracy

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2022.01.25 06:23 Mery_sweety So are you thinking I'm an innocent and a good girl, right?

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2022.01.25 06:23 foxfan1992 Just a little project I started last spring, focusing on Greater Victoria's oldest bus stop shelters, and the last two red bus stop signs. Few of these old shelters (dating from the 1960s) remain. - BC Transit

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2022.01.25 06:23 PineConeDoll My designs for aged-up characters (after ch. 215)

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2022.01.25 06:23 ReallyCreative4 [Video] How to create Valentine's Day sticker in Canva for FREE, Make valentine ...

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2022.01.25 06:23 d-rtygrl Double pierced

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2022.01.25 06:23 thrdimps Is the relationship with my sister what a normal sibling relationship looks like?

My sister (24F) and I (23F) never really had a great relationship. As kids we always fought. Only when we became teens / adults, we would have good days but as well bad days. We still live together with my mom. I need advice after an explosive argument happened today, to know whether the way she acts to me is considered normal to others. I will start with stating the argument of this morning and explain some of the details used in the argument a bit further. (Apologies if my English is bad, not a native-english speaker). Tl;dr: argument ensues about who may use the car today. Argument continues in car, where my sister uses vile words. Tells me she will hit me one day. Then blames me for not being present at her engagement (a year ago) with a guy that proved to be manipulative, abusive and a cheater. Tells me that guy is above me. Proceeds to jump to my ear to scream, literally scream, for 10 seconds. All because I want to keep the car today. Wondering if therapy is needed.
Today I got woken up by my mom to keep the car so that I could bring her to buy something from a store which is not nearby. This was at 7:50. Obviously I was just woken up and a bit groggy as I slept really late, and just mumbled okay. However, 2 minutes later she told my sister never mind and that I don’t need to keep the car. Let me explain a bit here: my sister and I share the car. It’s not hers or mine as we rent it. It was ultimately my father who paid for it until we can use our usual car again. I don’t really see the need to buy a car here as I want to move abroad when I finish my master degree. I have no clue why my sister doesn’t start to put money towards her own car but that maybe explains why she thinks she OWNS the rental car. Which is not true and a cause for many arguments since I basically have to almost fight / beg to use the car twice a week.
Thus, like before, I got into an argument this morning about wanting to keep the car. The thing is, it was at 7:54 that my sister herself told me I have to bring her to the train station. At 8:00 I went to her room, like usual when I have to bring her, to ask if she was ready. She proceeds to tell me that she is already late and taking the car to work (so driving to that city instead of taking the train). I got confused, as literally 5 minutes before she told me that I have to bring her so how come she is suddenly “late” 5 minutes afterwards. I called BS on it as he was still in her bathrobe and if she asked me to bring her not even minutes before, she would still not have been ready to go.
So again she is being possessive about the car and doesnt want me to keep it. The reason that I want to keep the car is because I have to do multiple things, get groceries, buy stamps and I decided to also take the train a bit later in the day. I also don’t want my mom to have to walk with the things she needed to buy today (the reason as to why she woke me up). So why should I be the one to walk between three different places, carrying everything on foot, and my mom too, just so that she could drive the car to work and back, pay €8 per hour to park it in front the entire day, while I could literally bring her to the station and pick her up:
She is embarrassed to take the bus, but that doesn’t matter if I still wake up to bring her and pick her up? I hate that she acts like the owner of the car, and that even taking the car one day in the week causes a huge problem. While I’m usually taking the bus + train to go to work and school and she doesn’t feel the need to do the same and bring me on her days off.
To move on to what happened in the car. First, she hid the car key under a kitchen towel on the table. When we went to the car she told me that she gave it me at the table. I went back and had to search for it because of it being under the kitchen towel. Like wtf???
Then as we were driving, I decided to ask why she put it under the towel (did she want to be late on purpose to blame me?) and why it’s always so problematic when I only ask for the car once or twice a week. She proceeded to yell at me about how I am the devil, yadie yada, and that I should have just woken up and bring her without questions so that I could bring my mom. But that’s the entire point? I did that, and she screamed that she wanted to take the car to work???
The argument and yelling shift to taking jabs at my personality, how she will one day “hit me so hard because I deserve it”. (This is something that also annoys me so much because she does this in public too when my parents are not around, telling me she will hit me and such and then uses vile curse words all while people are around. That’s what I hate the most, it’s not okay to do and say such things in public… I never do or day it back in public because it’s really embarrassing…)
Finally, the argument shifted to how I was not present at her engagement. Here, it’s a bit of my fault. Explanation: she was engaged to this guy who in the beginning seemed perfect, but ended up in a disaster. In short, they held an engagement dinner downstairs and we were both really angry with one another. I was livid with her, because she said really terrible things to me a few days before the dinner, ONLY because I couldn’t really help out with the preparations. In that week I literally had my final exams + thesis deadline so I was focused on getting through it to graduate. This engagement dinner was not even their official engagement party (which was -going- to be held two months after. This was more of an informal dinner to meet the families. So no, I didnt really buy a dress because I was too busy with school, and found it absurd that I needed to buy three separate dresses (for this dinner, the party and then the wedding) I was only going to buy new dresses for the latter two events and wore a dress I already own that day. Which resulted in her being angry with me and saying terrible things.
I find it incredibly unfair that she continues to hold this against me. Like today, saying that I wasn’t even there for her own engagement. I was present, just really upset with how she treated me on top of being worried about graduating. The final straw in this argument was when she told me she puts her ex fiancee above me. That he is better than me. The guy who cheated on her, who changed her from a confident to insecure, who told her to change her appearance, who even went as far as getting her on his side by telling her my family ain’t shit. My family has done nothing but support her and him, until the day we were buying wedding and she broke down crying because he cursed at her, also stating that my family is better off going back home… all while some family members came from really far to spend a happy day buying dresses for them! Safe to say we all really hated him after this. During the entire engagement my sister just seemed miserable. She disregarded us every time when we told her that this is not what an engagement looks like. She took this as us being unsupportive, acted really cold to us all, even to my mom. The entire past year was just a dumpster fire.
I have honestly tried to be there for her, but I can’t help but snap back when she acts rude to me. I’m her sister and she literally treats everyone better than me. I see my cousins have wonderful sibling relationship and I can’t help but wonder if this is normal, and what I need to do. I don’t know if we will ever have a good relationship.
I guess i am asking for advice or opinions on all this. I can’t help but feel as if she needs therapy for coping with the failed engagement. Should I even bother to save whatever little good we have left? Because at this moment I’m just so done with trying..
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2022.01.25 06:23 MortgageDue9289 Multihoming

Which Cisco router series would you recommend for multi homing setup?
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2022.01.25 06:23 jjpamsterdam 2nd Mexican-Amerikaand War (1916-1918)

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2022.01.25 06:23 MothThatLuvsLamps When i make text, making it larger than 24 makes it dissapear, why?

Im new to unity so please help.
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2022.01.25 06:23 MannyD29 Nic Convo and early sesh?

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2022.01.25 06:23 wilsxnofficial Got 95+ Modded Packs, and many many more, dm for pics of them, and offer!:)

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