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The Division 2 Weekly Vendor Reset 25/01/2022

2022.01.25 05:39 rubenalamina The Division 2 Weekly Vendor Reset 25/01/2022

Hi there fellow agents. Here's the latest vendor reset information for The Division 2.
Notes Nothing worth mentioning from our end this week.
See you next Tuesday.
Items on Sale Here's the web page link for all the items available in the game. It will always be the same link. It's my personal website and I don't run any kind of ads.
I added a resources section with a map with 30+ locations to find the Snitch and a link to the datamined gear attribute sheet.
Cassie Cassie is a gunrunner vendor that moves location every couple of days. To find her, you need to talk to Jared "The Snitch" Nash in one of the locations I have listed on my map. His location is random but it usually takes 2 or 3 location visits for him to spawn. After you talk to him, he will give you a bounty and Cassie will appear on your map with a shopping cart icon. You can do the bounty or save it for later, it's not necessary to browse Cassie's inventory.
She will open for 24 hours and will close to relocate for 32 hours. These are her open times:

Besides her random stock, Cassie will always sell two named items: the Shield Splinterer assault rifle and the Hunter-Killer chest. In order to see these two items, you need to have opened the ivory chest at the White House and the Off-white chest at Haven. You get keys for these chest by killing the hunters in DC and NYC.
Resources Timers Website A couple of members of The Division Community Discord made a site that shows all the in game timers in your local time zone. It also has the open and close timers for Cassie so you can use it to check if she's open or not before you go find the snitch. The site can be accessed here: https://divisiontimers.com
Wiki Page The link for the current weekly thread and the vendor items list is always available in the Vendor Reset Page in the community resources. You can find it in the top navigation menu of the subreddit. If you're on mobile, it will be on the sidebar.
The Division 1 Reset Some of the guys and girls in the vendors team are trying to keep The Division 1 vendor resets alive. The sheet will be automatically updated when they are done, even if they haven't posted their weekly thread. I will add an edit with the link to their weekly thread when they are ready. These reset happen on Friday nights at 7pm EST.
Credits The resets are brought to you by a dedicated team of fellow agents from this subreddit and The Division Community Discord. Thanks to u/DizNootz, u/Google-1234, u/Hurinzor, u/Duke_Shambles. u/Insecurity_exe and other volunteer agents who have been constantly helping. Thanks to u/BestNadeThrower for starting the sheet we are using for The Division 2.
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2022.01.25 05:39 Sea_Doughnut3120 Is 20 hours of part time work per week manageable with 4 courses?

So I got a pretty exciting opportunity to work and the commute is 1 hour 15 mins from my place. The employer requires a minimum of 20 hours per week. I'm just worried it's gonna affect my studies. I'm currently taking chem 2021, biol 2020, biol 2030 and biol 2070. Do you guys have any advice? Are you able to work along with school and is it possible to maintain a high GPA? I know it's an open ended question but still. Thanks!
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2022.01.25 05:39 Due_Beat1682 What if my parents never met and married different people? Would I have been my dad's child with a dofferent mom or my mom's child with a different dad?

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2022.01.25 05:39 Art_life2022 Jellyfish (procreate)

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2022.01.25 05:39 44dedsca [IIL] Devil Eyes by Hippie Sabotage, what else will I like?

I like this one for the tempo, beats/overall sound and the lyrics remind me of being in Mexico.
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2022.01.25 05:39 DarkBrich153 Моя главная цель хорошо проучится до конца февраля чтобы родители купили мне FNAF 9. #HabiticaResolutions

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2022.01.25 05:39 leylvert 20 days of writing to see my pen fade out when writing about a book on languages and cultures dying

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2022.01.25 05:39 mellatd У всех была детская травма когда очень клевый учитель бросает вас и уходит по среди учебного года, кто это был?

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2022.01.25 05:39 1landring Idv experince

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2022.01.25 05:39 Bae_Leaves4U I hate how people's automatic reaction to anything is "get therapy"

I get it, having a therapist is better than not, but the thing is finding a good therapist in this economy is difficult as fuck and nearly impossible for a lot of people. Sometimes you HAVE to find your own answers and solutions to shit, in order to make it through. A lot of people, especially on reddit, are on reddit because they have nobody else to turn too. And yes, you have to be careful who you listen too on reddit, and everything should be taken with a grain of salt, but still, not everyone is in a situation where a therapist is a realistic solution.
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2022.01.25 05:39 sheepbeme I'm (F22) not sure whether to cut contact with grieving fwb (M27)

[tl;dr: Ex-fwb reached out to me after his mom passed away because he needed a friend, and I/we resumed our arrangement (with stronger romantic/date-like undertones). I’m worried I’ll catch feelings, but am not sure whether it’d be cruel to cut contact with him right now.]
Had an fwb 2-3 years ago. We slept together for about 3 months before he left the country to study abroad (for a year). Aside from sex, we were actually quite good friends (had good conversations, he was sending me “sweet” postcards from various countries/states he visited, texted everyday etc). I actually liked him (romantically) for some time during that period but never told him.
About 6 months after he left, I got into a relationship but didn’t tell him, since we weren’t talking as frequently by then. When he got back and we met to catch up, I disclosed that to him. Our friendship then petered out even more.
At that time, I was also getting into a lot of fights with my then-boyfriend because he wasn’t comfortable with my being friends with the ex-fwb. After awhile, I gave in and decided to call the whole friendship off with my fwb. I shot him a long message, saying that “we’ll both eventually start seeing other people”, and that for the sake of honesty “I had actually caught feelings for him at some point in time”, and so we should just stop talking/cut off the friendship. He replied with a nonchalant “cool cool cool no doubt no doubt”.
Fast forward to December 2021, he reached out to me, saying that he was looking for a vape supplier, since his regular guy stopped supplying, and thought that I might know someone. He asked me “how I was doing”, and when I returned the question, he disclosed that his mom had recently passed from a relapse of cancer (about two weeks ago).
I offered to take him out for drinks. And then went home with him that night. Got very drunk at his place and apparently came on to him. We then slept together.
He started texting me more frequently since that day. The state of our friendship now: we’ve gone out on a date to somewhere fancy to drink once (didn’t end in sex), we’re been gyming together almost every day, then having brunch together afterwards, we’re netflixing occasionally, he’s teaching me how to cook, we sleep together about once a week and are texting every day.
We’ve kept up this arrangement for close to a month now, I’m worried that I’ll start falling for him again at some point (because of how intimately we're spending our time together). But I also understand that he’s dealing with the loss of a parent and is probably still grieving (though he claims to be okay when I ask him about it).
The thing is, I haven’t caught feelings for him yet, and my wanting to call the whole thing off is because I’m acting pre-emptively/in fear that I might. I’m not sure what the appropriate course of action is to balance between his and my emotional needs. What should I do?

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2022.01.25 05:39 harry8800 Finally free ! Brother it's not a challenge now it's a lifestyle .

If you think you're sacrificing something you're wrong there is no genuine pleasure or happiness in these things , they all brainwash to believing that we are getting high pleasure but instead we're getting pain ,guilt and depression .
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2022.01.25 05:39 Nemarus LOTRO Texture of the Day - Bet some of you haven't thought about these guys in a while...

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2022.01.25 05:39 Suitable-Ad6096 How is this read? I looked up how to read results but I can’t find it.

I am curious to how allergic am I to some of these things. I was diagnosed with OAS but I don’t think that is all.
Histamine is w12e40 Negative is w2e3
So how much of a change from negative does there need to be to show an allergy?
Is w3e4 an allergy? Or does it have to be mor like w5e15?
Yes the dr told me but I like a better understanding then just you are allergic to this.
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2022.01.25 05:39 Impossible-Buy3447 Netmarble really raised the roof with this one

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2022.01.25 05:39 BlackJackJeriKo K*ren

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2022.01.25 05:39 LeafyySeaDragon Any fans in California central coast area??

I figure if you like this podcast, then we could be friends :) Also maybe watch the live show together? Ok, I know I’m jumping the gun a bit...I just thought it was worth a try!
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2022.01.25 05:39 ceri_m What kind of doctor/specialist do I even need?!

Hey all. 6 weeks post covid and I'm not improving. Blood tests came back normal, just slightly low vitamin D. I'm being given zinc, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin D currently. I also take 10mg amitriptyline daily.
My main issues are: awful pain in neck/shoulders/back, weak and shakey, feels like I'm vibrating inside, brain fog, can feel my heart beat always, miserable in general. I am unable to work a full day because of this and I'm scared. I dont think vitamin d alone can explain this, pain killers and anti inflammatories make 0 difference.
Do I go to a neurologist? Or what doctor do i need to try to find help? At this point I dont even care if they want to put me on anti depressants to try and help. There are no long covid clinics where I live.
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2022.01.25 05:39 jazmonster88 Recommendations for heroic fantasy books like Chronicles of Riddick?

I know Chronicles of Riddick technically qualifies as sci-fi but it’s really a sword and sorcery epic set in space. I’m looking for anything that touches on those similar concepts. A badass antihero type facing off against an unstoppable enemy. A true barbarian epic. Ive been recommended Robert E Howard’s works before so I know the comparisons to Conan, but I’d love to hear more recommendations!
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2022.01.25 05:39 mistermist99 Treningssentere i Bergen

Hei, Kan noen anbefale meg et godt utstyrt treningssenter nært Fyllingsdalen eller Bergen sentrum?
Jeg trener nå i progresjon, men jeg litt misfornøyd med dusjen og at det er ganske mørkt der. De har meget god utstyr, så det er en stor pluss. Imidlertid vil jeg gjerne bytte treningssenter hvis det finnes noe som er bedre. Jeg prøvde å finne treningssenter med sauna, men Google hjelper ikke så mye med det.
Og så lurer på om det finnes treningssenter med sauna, da vil jeg bytte med en gang =)
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2022.01.25 05:39 Motor-Ad-8858 AP News: California redwood forest returned to native tribal group

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2022.01.25 05:39 Reasonable_Branch113 I will be leaving and any that follow I will not know.

I'm giving you your plan I will leave because stupid is as stupid does it's not my fucking plan never was so see how silly dumb it is to run at futile so hard I was out there ever single day showing the error of the ways you would take to come bye His Plan Most High! Wow you missed it! Bye
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2022.01.25 05:39 mustConfess-ssi-gpt2 A coworker who’s been harassing me for a couple weeks now is stalking me. I feel like a bad boyfriend, I wish I could talk about it to her.

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2022.01.25 05:39 BlushingHeart If I had a roller rink playlist

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2022.01.25 05:39 lemonny3663 Camel Rider Sound

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