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The best trio in the series

2022.01.25 05:57 wish_i_was_ALL_MIGHT The best trio in the series

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2022.01.25 05:57 8inched4u365 Caught!

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2022.01.25 05:57 carbsncrusades Nice

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2022.01.25 05:57 Far-Bite-gamer Final Fantasy Origin - Final Trailer (4K Upscaled)

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2022.01.25 05:57 Far-Bite-gamer Final Fantasy Origin - Final Trailer (4K Upscaled)

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2022.01.25 05:57 dadoose3 LF another shiny, trading shiny chingling. message me

i’m looking to trade a shiny chingling for another shiny. message me or comment an offer
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2022.01.25 05:57 bratphobic why are there no live preformances of i remember you?

is it because of the ricardo lopez situation?
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2022.01.25 05:57 peteark123 [Hiring] Sales Application Engineer Needed in Portugal 42,000 pa

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2022.01.25 05:57 StanicEnemY Help me to describe my pain to neurology

I will see her soon and I dont know how to explain my pain since i have so much pain all over my body.
My pain feels like something dried out on my muscles and how do i know if i have joint, nerve or muscle pain? I cant pin point the pain because i have so much pain all over my body.
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2022.01.25 05:57 Hinatsuki0 Repost sana makita na ni kuya kris

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2022.01.25 05:57 Far-Bite-gamer Final Fantasy Origin - Final Trailer (4K Upscaled)

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2022.01.25 05:57 lilkitty513 Prospective job has spouses information????

My husband is applying for jobs and received an email from a prospective employer asking to fill out an online application-except its addressed to me- and when you click on the link it has my full name and phone number.
He applied to it on indeed, we double and triple checked everything on his indeed account- there is NOTHING that has ANY of my information on it. I don't even have the same last name as him. It was sent to his email, but with my information. This has not happened with any other jobs he has applied to.
Needless to say, we are a little freaked out. Has anyone had this happen to them or have any idea why this would have happened?
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2022.01.25 05:57 BurnedtoasterXD How many neon legendaries are worth a neon elephant i offered 2 since i thought it was the same value as cow/kangaroo/fury but declined???

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2022.01.25 05:57 TheAwesomeJunk Apple TV browser "Search" and "Continue Watching" missing features

This is just a heads up for those who are just discovering the nightmare that is the Apple TV browser App (tv.apple.com). This product is purposefully unfinished as a punishment for those without Macs. Just like iMessage and Apple's proprietary repair tools, this is another of Apple's anti-consumer practices to separate those in and out of their "ecosystem".
As for a solution to these issues, the best way to find a show is to google it, go to "watch show", and click "watch" on apple tv. Although a much better solution is to cancel your subscription. The best way to tell apple this is not ok is by not using Apple TV.

I expect hate from the apple fanboys out there. The same thing happened when I posted about how broken the HBOmax apps are. I really wish this wasn't true because I enjoyed Ted Lasso and For All Mankind but it's not worth jumping through Apple's hoops. Especially since I AM PAYING FOR THIS SERVICE.
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2022.01.25 05:57 Remarkable-Ad9629 Father hated when I said I had friends?

My father even if we were on good terms when I mentioned I had a friend he would visibly get angry and tell me they are acquaintance. He is dead now, he died when I was 16 and never got to ask him why I never was allowed to call people friends even when I was 5 years old. Can anyone help me?
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2022.01.25 05:57 cherrymaims 90s YA thriller/horror series set in a college

I don’t remember a lot about these, but they would have been released in the mid-90s. They are all set at the same college and I’m pretty sure that was the name of the series.
In one a girl comes to the college on a tennis scholarship and is stalked. It turns out she threw her racket as a kid and blinded a boy.
I’ve tried everything I can think of to google it. Please send help!
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2022.01.25 05:57 DigitalMarine Serious post about BCH this time

Your hate towards BTC should stop. BTC used to be the main payment method for your beloved dark webs, but it grew up to something different. I know you shady vendors are not happy, but selling drugs and firearms is one thing, yet human trafficking and red rooms crap are too much.
USA had to go on a compromise by allowing BTC gain mass adoption and differentiate itself from other crypto. BTC is not for dark markets anymore. Another good argument for higher fees and slower transaction times btw, also cleaner transparency. Sayin that, i'm glad for LN to improve on those things.
What i'm trying to say, is that governments w'd never allow shady coins to gain adoption and multiple in price, therefore main crypto currency the Bitcoin was chosen as a compromise to be the good crypto currency for legal transactions and and store of value.
In other words, the mining community had an agreement with governments on getting the BTC out of the dark to the light. So test of the crypto lose value.
Nothing is gonna change, BTC is for investments, BCH is in between somewhere, XRM for hidden transactions.
Keep in mind the digital dollar coming to compete with altcoins.
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2022.01.25 05:57 occult-dog Spotify November 2021 Report Looks Weird. Anyone Experience This?

This month is very weird. I see Distrokid reports over 140k+ streams on their statistics, but the Bank only report 0.07 USD worth of streams.

It's weird. I've never experienced anything like this before. Any advice on how to contact their customer support?
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2022.01.25 05:57 MuslimBN Far Eastern University (FEU) is looking to enter a joint venture to create and manage a private nursing school in Brunei Darussalam

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2022.01.25 05:57 Metridium_Fields YGOProDeck.com shows you the CP cost of Master Duel decks.

So if you wanna see Master Duel decks I recommend looking there!
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2022.01.25 05:57 Far-Bite-gamer Final Fantasy Origin - Final Trailer (4K Upscaled)

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2022.01.25 05:57 awpnoscope cock 🐓🐓🐔

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2022.01.25 05:57 sirigaite Crypto Ban

MOEY de um momento para o outro bloqueia todas transferências para coinbase ou carregamentos cartão crypto.com. Mais alguém com o mesmo problema?
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2022.01.25 05:57 MangoChocobo Preferred game engine

So I have been wanting to learn game development for a long time and decided to start researching the different game engines to sink my time into.
A lot of the issue I'm finding is that most comparisons I've seen are dated a few years back. As well as the assumption that the user is making money off their game. This will be a pet project of mine and I just want to learn, I'm really into 2d and 2.5d games, if that helps at all.
I'm absolutely fine with people showing bias to a specific game engine, I'm just curious as to why you chose the engine your using and the benefits it gives you? Or even why you don't like a certain engine for whatever reason.
I know I'm rambling on, but if I'm going to put a ton of time into learning an engine and the language to go with it, I want to make a more informed choice.
Thanks for reading :)
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2022.01.25 05:57 everrr_17 Can I buy games without having a connected console yet?

Hi everyone, I just bought an Xbox series s and when I went to look for what games to download on the website, I noticed that Battlefield V costs only €9.99 instead of €39.99. Of course I really want to buy it, but I don't have any wifi that works in my dorm room yet which means my console isn't connected yet to the app. But the sale ends in like an hour and my wifi problem won't be fixed in time. My question is, can I buy games without having a connected console yet ? (I do have an account, gamer tag and stuff already)
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