Join the best NFT project coming

2022.01.25 05:49 No_Economy3458 Join the best NFT project coming

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2022.01.25 05:49 Geopolitical_Meme By @Geopolitical_meme

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2022.01.25 05:49 ChickenLicken666 Voice VS Costume.

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2022.01.25 05:49 nekrodomus [Análisis-Review] Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6: Un paso adelante, con mejor pantalla, más modos deportivos y una autonomía duradera

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2022.01.25 05:49 exporterofgold What song has Tiktok ruined for you?

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2022.01.25 05:49 Pure_Potential_8165 [Trend] Congratulations to Jenny and Human! 🎊 Ki is getting himself ready in one of his secret rooms while I shop at Jenny's Secret Flagshop for the party. Cya all tonight! 😉

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2022.01.25 05:49 JayIELTS Preparation tips for the IELTS Speaking test

Broaden your speaking abilities by looking at different forms of media such as radio, TV, online discussions and social conversations.
Share these experiences with friends by talking about ideas you found interesting as a way of practicing your spoken English.
Stretch your abilities Speaking practice with a friend or colleague whose English is at a higher level than yours allows you to learn by listening and develop your own skills by responding.
Make sure the difference between your English level and theirs is not too great or you may become discouraged.
Repetition with understanding A great way to build confidence is to watch very short conversations, speeches, or discussions and then, once you are sure that you have understood what was being said, repeat them.
Start off with very short simple extracts and then increase the length and difficulty slowly – making sure that pronunciation aspects such as stress, rhythm, and intonation are as accurate as possible. This will also improve your English fluency.
The danger of learning speeches While it is a good idea to repeat short extracts of speech as described above, you must never try to memorise speeches for the Speaking test.
An Examiner can always tell if a speech has been learnt before the test and rehearsed for the interview.
It is far better to speak naturally and to get as much practice doing this with friends as you can.
Don’t be nervous Try not to allow nerves to stop you from performing to the best of your ability.
Remember, the Speaking test allows you to talk about your life experiences, ideas, and expectations in the most accurate, interesting ways you can. It is largely about you and there is no need to be nervous about yourself.
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2022.01.25 05:49 Gardenia_Doll What’s never going to work in a relationship?

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2022.01.25 05:49 NobadHairDays Good kitty

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2022.01.25 05:49 dpo0O0oqb Birch Mountain

Birch Mountain Now under new management! Come visit the beautiful Birch Mountain, with it's dense forest of Birch trees and lovely... rivers?
Oh no! The previous beavers have left a terrible mess. Whoever was in charge had no clue what they were doing.
They dammed wherever they dam well pleased.
Now the rivers have flooded half the map and left very little space to expand. Can you get Birch Mountain back to its picturesque holiday destination state?
In this lovely map, there are many water sources that have had barriers placed to ruin the flow and cause flooding. The more barriers you remove, the more space you have to expand. However, be very careful when damming because the amount of water flowing can be deceptive, and we wouldn't want another flood on our hands. One incompetent manager was quite sufficient.
Birch Mountain in its current state.
Birch Mountain prior to the previous management's incompetence.
Link to map
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2022.01.25 05:49 Subject_Recording355 I’ve been told that elder dragons can’t be captured. Then why does the capture icon appear under the kushala icon ? Look at the top right corner

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2022.01.25 05:49 ASGfan The Unsolved Mysteries forum at SitcomsOnline -- Strange experiences

I used to post there somewhat back in the day and it was literally one of the strangest things I've ever encountered. The forum is/was mostly run by a clique of about 5-6 old-time regulars who mostly just talk amongst themselves and ignore everyone else. They would just viciously attack people and spread lies. There were multiple arguments per day and the moderator (cd) would only make the slightest attempt at controlling it.
There was "Meg", who I don't think was able to make up her mind on a single case or person. Nothing she said was the least bit believable because she would take both sides of an issue at various points.
Then there was "kadrmas", the wannabe defense attorney, who staunchly supported criminals or any obviously guilty party. I'm not even sure if he believed most of what came out of his mouth, I just think he was preparing himself to be a defense attorney, which I'm sure never happened. Also known for getting in arguments on pretty much a daily basis, sometimes multiple daily. Basically his schtick was to say something outrageous, backtrack, apologize -- then lather, rinse, repeat. He was banned for like 6 years, but inexplicably allowed to return and posted for a short time, only to disappear again. He was allowed back on the forum after...wait for it...apologizing to the administrator behind-the-scenes.
"TheCars" who is a pot stirrer.
Also, the aforementioned former moderator. She tried to play mostly nice upfront, but she really was only in her job for the perks of her position and any time an argument surfaced, she would just try to get people banned because she didn't want to deal with it.
And also "Justin" who tried to say everything using the fanciest language possible in an attempt to talk over people's heads and seem smarter than everyone.
And a few other loons (DarkDante, etc).
It used to be somewhat tolerable in the early-mid 2000's, but by the time the late 2000's had surfaced, the place started to get overrun by conspiracy theorists, obsessive fanboys and fangirls and other nuts.
Anyone who spent any considerable length of time there would become familiar with some of the forum's quirks, such as:
The number of pages on some threads going to absurdly huge lengths, most notably the Angela Hammond thread (filled with endless "Rob did it" posts), the heated discussions (Jeffrey McDonald), the frequent violation of the "no youtube links" rule (which was one of the few apparent rules of the forum) and on an on.
The forum used to be nice and it used to attract a lot of people connected to the cases (family members, etc) but these slowed down to a trickle, perhaps because some of the posters were viciously attacking them.
As time went on, some of the theories became more and more outlandish. Like the one poster who tried to argue that Kari Lynn Nixon (a girl who disappeared from New York State and was later discovered in the general area where she disappeared) really was some girl spotted in a New Kids On The Block video in California and theorized that she was transported to California, kept alive long enough to appear in the music video, then killed and dumped in the area where she vanished. Reading posts like that made my head hurt.
Also, there was a lot of skeevy stuff going on behind the scenes.
I remember reading a post here back in the day from someone who had similar experiences on the forum, thoughts which were echoed by a few others, but I can't seem to be able to find it now. Regardless, I would be curious to know if anyone noticed the same things I noticed.
The forum is kind of an old school forum -- the type that doesn't really exist much anymore. I take a brief look in on the place every now and then just to see what is happening and it seems to have suffered a drop in posting activity, undoubtedly due to people leaving, dying and getting banned.
It used to be a fun, peaceful place to waste a bit of time on and had the perfect amount of posting: not too much that you couldn't keep track of it all, nor too few posts that it seemed boring. Just a decent amount of harmless chatter, but that sort of went out the window once the obsessives found it. It's really kind of sad. It was around in the days before the explosion of true crime popularity that happened during the last decade or so, but really hasn't stood the test of time.
Unsolved Mysteries - Sitcoms Online Message Boards - Forums
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2022.01.25 05:49 Parth_829 Fubuki's eternal Blizzard ❄️🌀, took around 3 hours

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2022.01.25 05:49 SuccessfulDraw710 Make the best choice and battle with "The Three Kingdoms' $TTK. As Battles rage and governments fall, it is up to earn a share of the vast fortunes that await.

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2022.01.25 05:49 Apprehensive_Law1891 Hi, can anyone help me find a deleted fanfic with just a link. This is the link.

Hello, I’m trying to find the fanfic, If I’m being honest by lesbiancryptiid. I’ve only been able to find the first chapter. Please help me if you can.
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2022.01.25 05:49 MaxiJess2015 Bears On Smoke NFT GIVEAWAY. Join our discord channel. Find the thw comments.

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2022.01.25 05:49 sn0r "Europe is a space power ! But the #space sector is under massive transformation. Space is a strategic place where big powers are competing" @ThierryBreton #BBESpaceConf

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2022.01.25 05:49 FitArmadillo1507 Looking for laid back transgender,male to female in 20 or 30s I’ll be a great friend and person to you I love a cool as sexy trans male to female

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